Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Assorted Randomness 

I have lots of little thoughts rolling around in my head today, so here's a sampling:

First, go out and buy/rent The Lake House. It came out on DVD today and it's phenomenal. I saw it in the theater and again on pay-per-view in my hotel room a few weeks ago...love it! It has officially replaced The Notebook as my favorite love story and I can't wait to watch it again.

I can kind of segway from that into my next topic: old loves. I came across some emails buried in the 3-year-old depths of my inbox from my last serious boyfriend. I just saw his parents during a trip I made to California to visit my friends from 1L a few weeks ago. (Fabulous trip by the way, I miss the heck out of those friends!) So, I've been thinking about him the past few weeks. Not still pining for him or anything, just thinking. Then I saw these old emails from when we first started dating. They made me realize just how much I've changed in 3 years. Back then, I had already tried to get into law school once and failed and was working as a legal secretary in a small firm in South Carolina. Not only have I come a long way from that (getting into law school and then transferring from a T4 in California to a T1 in Florida), but I'm a very different person. Obviously, I've grown up and become more mature as a product of age, but it seems like more than that. My life has completely changed and I've grown and changed as a product of that. The things I said to this boyfriend back then are things I wouldn't say now, ways I wouldn't react to things now. A little fun to see how I've changed and realize that if he and I had stayed together it probably wouldn't have worked - he's a very different person now too. I emailed him today, as I do once every few months, but I did it out of friendship, not out of a longing to be with him. I'm feeling good about it and actually enjoyed looking back on our relationship without longing for what might have been.

So, next...my ode to to-do lists. Nothing feels better to me than putting a little checkmark next to something on my to-do list (even if only mentally). I never realize how much little things weigh me down until they're out of the way. I took care of a few of these little things today and it really felt great. Add to that the dance and kickboxing classes I've started taking and I feel like my mind and body are cleanly running on all cylinders. I have tons to do (as usual), including a seminar paper due in less than two weeks, but I'm feeling pretty stress free about it. Ask me about it again in another week though as that paper deadline looms closer!

I guess that's about it for now. Hope everyone else is doing well!


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